When string instruments are exposed to air, humidity and temperature affect the pitch so they must be tuned before you start playing.  Likewise, your body becomes distorted and imbalanced by your daily habits, job specific movements and gravity so you need to release the strain to restore your body alignment and so that you can start afresh the next day in a good condition and repeat the same movements over again.  

In my class, I aim to reduce muscle tension and bring back mobility to stiff joints by stretching out and loosening up and taking deep breaths to unwind the body to its neutral position and develop enough durability to be able to repeat same actions again the next day. 

The class will consist of a mix of various training exercises to improve your posture, alignment, flexibility, range of motion core strength and overall coordination.  The intensity level of class will vary depending on participants and I would be delighted to incorporate your requests in class and sharing tips to take home, considering your individual body requirements and conditions on the day also.

Hopefully by the end of class you will feel refreshed like after a nice dip in a hot spring at the end of a long hard day! 

unwinding (アンワインディング)》



そこでクラスでは日中身体にたまった疲れによって固まってしまった部分や縮んだ部分をじんわりほぐし、深呼吸とともにゆっくり大きく全身を伸ばして動くことをテーマにしています。 また、その時のご参加者の皆様のコンディションやご要望をお伺いしながら姿勢改善、美容、足腰強化やコアトレーニング等の要素も入れていろいろ試していきますので運動強度はその回によってのんびりまったりのびのび系、エクササイズ要素が多めのちょっと頑張るチャレンジ系、あるいは半々等どちらも柔軟に対応します。


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